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Conventional Pap smear collection has been taught in medical training programs and utilized for the past 50+ years. The technique includes several steps that have been eliminated by the SurePath™ method and are critical for collection of a satisfactory specimen that is free from significant artifacts.

1. To obtain the collection supplies needed for a conventional Pap, see the Supplies page.

2. If you prefer, we can provide you with the PapPack™ Pap Smear Collection Kit, which includes all of the necessary
     supplies and easy to follow directions. See the Supplies page for details.

3. There are several different types of spatulas and brushes or brooms used to collection conventional Pap smears. This
     procedure assumes that you have already been trained on the use of these collection devices and thus the procedure will
     concentrate on what to do with the specimen AFTER it has been obtained from the cervix.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: The most critical aspect of the collection once the specimen is obtained, is to make the smear and
    then apply fixative IMMEDIATELY. Any delay at this point in the collection will result in artifactual change (air drying) seen
    in the cells when examined microscopically. Artifactual change is one of the most common causes of an unsatisfactory
    specimen or an equivical diagnosis (i.e. ASCUS).

4. Once obtained, make a smear* with the device(s) as follows:

If using both a spatula and endocervical brush, use spatual first and set aside or give to assistant (keeping cervical material on the spatula tip) and then use brush. Once you have cervical material on both devices do the following immediately:

   Apply spatula to one side of the slide near the labeled end and smear towards opposite end.

Coll Conv Pap Spatual2.jpg (26947 bytes)

Apply brush to opposite side of slide near the labeled end and roll towards the opposite end..

  Coll Conv Pap Endobrush.jpg (26478 bytes)

Making sure that the entire surface is covered evenly with fixative material.

Coll Conv Pap Spray Fix.JPG (270571 bytes)

5. Place the slide in a carrier and place in a specimen bag along with a properly filled out requisition. Back To Top